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The plant-based, additive-free drink.
Here we explain a little more about ourselves, with complete transparency.
We hope to rise to your expectations!

Montseny Natural Park

Talking of height, we are located 820 metres above sea level, in the Montseny Natural Park, specifically in the municipality of Viladrau.

It wasn’t by chance that we decided to establish ourselves here back in 1991… and it’s here where we find the best water to make the YOSOY drinks.


It’s no secret, the ingredients makes a difference when it comes to obtaining a genuine flavour in a drink, and even more so when you’re committed to not using additives to camouflage imperfections.

You know that our products do not contain flavourings, stabilisers or thickeners; for this reason, we always work with natural top-quality, whole-grain nuts, avoiding the use of pastes and prepared products. Only in this way can we guarantee the most natural flavour, without having to conceal anything.


The production process is just as important and we are especially proud of ours, given that we use unique pioneering and innovative technology for the liquefying process which enables us to do things differently and obtain the most natural products, with no additives and no added sugars.

And besides...

we have a very important final ingredient: the best team to make sure that everything runs smoothly, based on enthusiasm, knowledge and a great deal of effort.

Of course we could do things differently, but then we wouldn’t be YOSOY.