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We enjoy what we do and we’d like you to be able to put a face to who is behind each carton of YOSOY.

Yosoy Antonia


This is Antonia, she’s responsible for packing your YOSOY in our cartons.

Yosoy Clara


This is Clara, she’s responsible for selecting the best quality ingredients to make your YOSOY.

Yosoy Ricard


He is Ricard, our tech crack. It makes YOSOY always connected and up-to-date.

Yosoy Joan


This is Joan, he ensures that all the YOSOY ingredients reach our warehouses in perfect conditions.

Yosoy Xavi

Export Sales

This is Xavier, the traveller of the team. He travels around the world to explain the benefits of YOSOY.

Yosoy Marc


This is Marc, he’s the one who balances the books at YOSOY.

Yosoy María Rosa


This is María Rosa, who analyses all the YOSOY drinks.

Yosoy Marta

Human Resources

This is Marta, the most human part of YOSOY. She looks after us, ensuring we have everything we need.

Yosoy Mery

Customer Care

This is Mery, she listens to and reads all your queries.

Yosoy Montse

Back Office - National

This is Montse, she is responsible for ensuring that all the sales projects are carried out to the letter.

Yosoy Neus

Innovation and Development

This is Neus, the team cook. She invents and creates the YOSOY drinks.

Yosoy Olivia


This is Olivia, she is responsible for ensuring YOSOY reaches you in the most honest and transparent way possible.

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