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At YOSOY we don’t like additives, but

What are additives exactly?

They are ingredients which provide no nutritional value, they only have a “physical” purpose: to stabilise, preserve, flavour etc. They generally have strange names and make the lists of food ingredients endless and impossible to understand.

It’s not difficult to identify them, they usually start with a fairly suspicious looking “E”.

Why does the food industry use them?

It’s very simple, with stabilisers and flavourings it is very easy to camouflage any imperfections of the raw materials or the final product, the right gum or a good flavouring makes it impossible for even the most discerning of palates to perceive a low quality grain or a “badly cooked” drink.

For that reason, since our beginnings, at YOSOY we have become obsessed with buying the highest quality raw material and developing our own machines and liquefying processes.

In this way, we can replace additives with quality and technology. This is the best way to avoid having to hide anything, and if one day you find a lump in your drink, we apologise; we are working hard for this not to happen but we won’t do it by using stabilisers in our products.