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A section on sustainability always looks good on a brand’s website, and on this particular subject, in which words abound more than ever, what really matters are deeds.
At Yosoy we don’t want to deceive ourselves, we are the first to admit that we have lots left to do.

With the intention of remaining honest and transparent in everything we do, we will explain some of the things we are already doing well here.

We are committed to using 100% natural ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible.

We work to reduce water consumption.

Did you know that 1 litre of a plant-based consumes less water than 1 litre of cow’s milk? Furthermore, we set ourselves reduction targets each year.

All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and 75% of it comes from plant sources.

We are working to improve our packaging, but meanwhile, don’t forget to throw the YOSOY cartons in the yellow container.

100% of the energy we use is certified green energy.

Our energy supply is 100% renewable and we also have solar panels installed at our plant.

We make the most of our organic waste para by using it for animal feed.

We work with forest-friendly materials.

All the packaging we use is FSC certified.

We believe that every gesture counts, starting with our offices.

We have distributed glass water bottles and installed water fountains, to avoid the use of single-use plastic cups, we encourage recycling internally…