Food has a key role to play in the change we seek towards creating a better world, and small gestures can be enough to bring big changes. At YOSOY we are aware of this and we fight for social justice towards food. How do we do it?


YOSOY came into being as a plant-based alternative, at a time when plant-based drinks did not even exist in Spain.

Today, we continue to produce plant-based drinks that are suitable for vegans, both in terms of main ingredients as well as trace ones. We are a more ethical and sustainable alternative.

And this is already part of the change, isn’t it?


We are a WASTE WARRIOR brand, promoted by Too Good to Go, this means we fight for a world without food waste. As a committed brand our mission is to inspire and raise awareness about this woldwide problem and take actions to reduce it.

We stamped anti-waste pictogram in all our packs that carry a best before the pictogram  prompts us sense-check out food instead of blindly binning it due to a lapsed date.

We create recipes and provide anti-waste tips to encourage people not to throw anything away.

We carry out internal awareness-raising actions with Yosoy employees.


The fight against food poverty is everyone’s responsibility and any help is too little. At Yosoy, we play our part through the following actions:

Half million liters of YOSOY given to the Food Bank every year.

Donation of our products to the local annual fund-raising event: La Marató de TV3.

Delivery of our drinks to food-related NGOs such as the Health Warriors.


Committed to our environment and continuous improvement to reduce our impact and footprint.



Just the right ingredients for quality and taste, as well as clear and honest labelling.